Compensation of up to €600 if Flight Delayed, Cancelled


Flight delay compensation

Air passengers traveling on European roots or to flights from or to Europe are entitled up to 600 euros compensation if their flight is delayed, cancelled or because entry is refused due to overbooking.

The amount varies depending on the distance of the destination and the duration of the delay.

The airline should give you vouchers to get these things at the airport. If they don’t give you help at the airport, keep receipts for expenses and try to claim from the airline later. Airlines only pay for ‘reasonable’ expenses — you won’t get money back for alcohol, expensive meals or luxury hotels.

You’re entitled to a set amount of compensation depending on:

• the distance of the flight — check the flight distance on the WebFlyer website
• the length of the delay — how late you are getting to your destination
• whether you’re flying to an EU or non-EU destination

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